Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that dates back for thousands of years. This treatment involves skilled practitioners inserting thin, sterile needles into specific points on the body on channels, or meridians, through which flows life energy, or Qi (pronounced chee).

Acupuncture addresses blocks or disruptions within this energy flow that are believed to cause disease.

This ancient technique, used to treat many medical conditions, is now available in Brisbane.

From pain relief to quitting smoking, this time-tested treatment method is trusted throughout the world, in many cultures. Now acupuncture can be applied to address any type of fertility problem.

Infertility is caused by many factors, including an over- or under-active thyroid, and acupuncture may correct these conditions. Acupuncture can also improve ovarian function and blood flow to the endometrium. Now, acupuncture in Brisbane can also treat male factors in infertility.

The regimen of acupuncture treatments varies, depending upon each patient’s condition. For example, typically, infertility patients receive acupuncture for three to four months before fertilization techniques are implemented. After pregnancy occurs, acupuncture treatments may continue for the first three months to facilitate a healthy pregnancy.

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Trained and trust-worthy acupuncturists in Brisbane treat many health conditions, including: