Colon Care

Patients in Melbourne, Australia who suffer from bowel congestion often experience intermittent discomfort with short periods of respite. Over time, the respite periods may become shorter and increasingly infrequent as the bowel congestion worsens. Under the Golden Dome is a health resource centre aimed at providing natural care and health referrals to people with gastrointestinal distress.

Bowel congestion may be caused by a variety of factors. A diet that is low in fibre is often the primary culprit. Diets that are likewise high in saturated fats and processed foods are also likely to cause bowel congestion. Other possible causes include overuse of tobacco or alcohol; taking certain prescription medications, inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn’s disease or the growth of polyps.

Anyone with bowel congestion should speak with a physician or another medical professional for a consultation and evaluation. If left untreated, bowel congestion could lead to other more serious health problems, such as cancer of the bowel. Patients with bowel congestion may be able to take action and make changes to their lifestyle and dietary intake to lessen their symptoms and reduce their risk of complications.