Laser Hair Removal

For individuals in Australia who suffer from excess hair on the body and do not wish to constantly tweeze, shave, and wax, laser hair removal is a safe, effective treatment. With traditional hair removal methods, hair can regrow in as little as 24 hours. Laser hair removal treatment offers many individuals a permanent hair removal solution in as few as three to five different sessions. Laser hair removal treatment is safe enough to use on the most sensitive parts of the body and can precisely remove hair from the face, bikini line, arms, legs, chest, back and other areas of the body. Each pulse of the laser quickly targets a specific area and can treat many different hairs with just that one pulse. Pigment within the hair follicles absorbs the laser pulse and the hair follicle is then destroyed preventing hair from regrowing.

If you are tired of unwanted hair and are looking to have a laser hair removal procedure, offers a wealth of information into preparing for the procedure and the procedure itself.

This article is courtesy of Medical Aesthetic & Laser Clinic also offering Tattoo Removal by Laser see here.